Roaming Solution Enables Secure, Local-Call Access Worldwide for Traveling Customers

Hamilton, ON, January 25, 1999 --- NETinc announced today it is immediately offering True Global Internet Roaming to its customers. The roaming service offers NETinc customers the availability of more than 1800 access points in 150 countries. Instead of having to pay for long-distance calls to connect back to their Internet service provider (ISP) in Hamilton when on the road, NETinc customers can now access the Internet locally in virtually every major city throughout the world. The roaming service also significantly improves the connection quality for users who often experience noisy or dropped connections with Internet connections overseas. NETinc customers will now always have high-quality, low-cost, convenient access to their personal or business e-mail account(s), news and the Internet.

Commenting on its announcement today, NETinc President Robert Hof, said that the roaming service is made available through a partnership with iPass, the worldwide leader in third-party settlement for Internet-based services. iPass offers the largest global network for Internet roaming. The iPass network enables NETinc customers to gain access to the Internet through the networks of other iPass partner ISPs around the world.

"The process is in many ways similar to the cellular phone model where customers of cellular service are able to use other cellular providers when they leave their service area," explained Hof.

When explaining why NETinc had chosen to work with iPass, Hof said, "Our priorities are security, convenience and reliability to our customers. iPass is the only roaming service that meets all of these requirements."

The iPass service encrypts all user names and passwords with secure socket layer (SSL) technology as they pass over the Internet, ensuring complete security for our customers. iPass has very high quality standards when choosing its access partners, it has multiple access points in major business centers and operates multiple servers in key geographical locations. This provides a highly reliable service with redundancy of access points and servers to act as backups in the event of an outage. "We also believe that accessing the Internet must be made in the most straight-forward manner," added Hof. "iPass provides us with a Dial Wizard for our customers, including an international phone book of iPass access numbers with a simple point-and-click interface. Our customers continue to use one user ID and password and maintain one account with NETinc."

About iPass Inc.

iPass is the worldwide leader of secure third-party settlement for Internet-based services including global Internet roaming, remote access to corporate networks, IP telephony and other emerging applications. iPass enables ACCESS ANYWHERE with a local call through the world's largest network of 1,850 access points in 150 countries. iPass is headquartered in Silicon Valley with financial backing from Accel Partners, Crosspoint Ventures and Asia Pacific Ventures. Additional information about iPass can be found at

About NETinc

NETinc - The Internet People has been connecting people to people since 1995. NETinc is the leading supplier of internet services in the Regional Municpality of Hamilton Wentworth, Ontario. NETinc brings innovation to the Internet industry, and was the first to introduce fully v.90 compliant access, and the first to offer xDSL-based access technology in its market area.

For further information: Robert Hof, President, Telephone: (905) 525-4555; E-Mail:, Internet: (electronic version of document)