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Tuesday, 27-Apr-1999 17:45:56 EDT  

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We hope you enjoy our new Users' Homepage look. We will be adding to the page as the days progress.

About NETinc
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Check Your Time
If you pay by the hour, here's where you monitor your usage.

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IE5 Progress
Internet Explorer 5 is finally coming together. We are just finishing up the download version, and should make this link active by the end of the week. By downloading the NETinc Internet Explorer 5, you will have automatic configuration of NETinc resources, such as our Game servers, our Netmeeting server, and our local newsgroups. The best part about the NETinc IE5 is that it's available for fastest download here, as opposed to the massively overloaded "Conxion" download site. We're making slow and steady progress with the program - so just give us a few more days.....

Surf Your City
Hamilton's got a new online magazine - 701.COM! Check it out - best for high speed connections.

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