NETinc and NetAccess Systems to Co-Operate on Private Data Link

Deal to provide faster, more reliable, and more efficient local communications

Hamilton, ON, January 22, 1999 --- Hamilton's largest Independent Internet Company announced today it is increasing the efficiency of local Internet communications, by co-operating with Hamilton's fist Internet Company, NetAccess Systems. The two companies have agreed to install a private "T1" data link between their networks. This will allow direct communications between the two networks, aiding in speed, efficiency, and reliability.

NETinc's President and CEO, Robert Hof, explained: "The Internet was originally conceived for global communication, but it is increasingly being used in ordinary local communication between family, friends, vendors, and customers. Adding a private link between our networks reduces traffic on both of our Internet lines, which is a very valuable commodity. Everyone wins with a private link, and we are happy to be installing our first private link with another highly-respected Hamilton company." NETinc announced it's Open Peering policy last week, in which NETinc offers free access to its network for any interested company.

About NETinc

NETinc - The Internet People has been connecting people to people since 1995. NETinc is the leading supplier of internet services in the Regional Municpality of Hamilton Wentworth, Ontario. NETinc brings innovation to the Internet industry, and was the first to introduce fully v.90 compliant access, and the first to offer xDSL-based access technology in its market area.

For further information: Robert Hof, President, Telephone: (905) 525-4555; E-Mail:, Internet: (electronic version of document)