LighStream: Fiber Optic Internet Access at LightSpeed!

Updated: January 11, 1999
In November of 1998, NETinc signed a letter of intent with Hamilton Hydro to be the first Internet Partner of the Hamilton Metropolitan Area Network (HydroMAN). We are installing a fiber connection running at OC-3 Speed - over 100 times the speed of a T1! This will allow us to terminate multiple data paths to our clients and to other Internet-connected community resources.

Current Rates

Package Speed Rate (Monthly)
LightStream 500 512 Kbps $750
LightStream 1000 1024 Kbps $1425
LightStream T1 1.536 Mbps $2000
LightStream 2000 2 Mbps $2800
Higher Speeds are most certainly available. Please call for a customized quotation.

Additional Requirements

To install Lightstream service, you must terminate fiber optic equipment in your office or building. Hamilton Hydro, in conjunction with Integrated Cable Systems, will quote on equipment and installation fees.