Updated: January 11, 1999

Legacy Dedicated Connections

If you aren't in an area served by either our SlipStream or Lighstream products, NETinc's Legacy Dedicated Connections can still link you to the Internet. We currently serve the Hamilton, ON dialing area, so if you can call Hamilton without a long distance charge, you can reach us.

Legacy Dedicated Connections are billed by the channel:

Channels Speed Monthly Price Setup Fee
1 Up to 56k Modem or 56/64K ISDN $250 $250
2 115/128K ISDN $400 $500

Everything on our end of the connection is included - modem or ISDN Terminal Adapter, digital line, and Internet connection. You are responsible for the purchase of either a modem or an ISDN Terminal Adapter for your office, and for provisioning an ISDN or standard phone line from Bell Canada.