Why Host @ NETinc ?

There are many great reasons to host your website @ NETinc - here are but a few:

Virtual Hosting Rates

Your monthly hosting fee is made up of three items: a base fee, storage, and transfer.

The base fee is $15, and includes 10 Mb of Space.

Should you require more space, the storage fee is $5 for blocks of 5 MBytes, and $20 for blocks of 40 Mbytes.

Your main expense with virutal hosting will be transfer. Each Gigabyte of transfer is billed at a rate of $22.50. Our base plan, WebEntry, includes 2 Gigabytes, which is sufficient for most small websites.

Common Packages

WebEntry includes 10 Mbytes of storage, your own domain name, and 2 Gigabytes of transfer monthly. Most businesses pick this plan, affordably priced at $60 per month.

WebMaster includes 10 domain names, 100 MBytes of storage space, and 10 Gigabytes of monthly traffic. The price is $335 per month, and is ideal for resellers.